Better understand and assist your customers with tailored solutions designed to harvest ROI from your dealership


Unrivaled Auto Dealership Insights


Social Distance Monitoring

Reduce the risk of illness and limit potential liability, all while maximizing the health and wellness of your team


Contact Tracing

Increase your chances of preventing outbreaks through detailed, wearable device contact tracing capable of identifying high-risk interactions

Affordable Solutions

Beginning at 


Per Employee


Real-time Haptic Alerts

Our sleek, comfortable wristband provides users with real-time alerts when social distancing protocol has been violated


Optimize Your Space, Enhance Their Experience 


Room Spacing & Capacity

Maximize smaller spaces by learning optimal amount of equipment, guests for each room

Gym Layout Optimization

Discover where to place your equipment on the floor to optimize safety and performance


Emphasize Health & Wellness

Prevent potential hazards by identifying which guests were using the facility at the same time

Improved Safety Procedures

Better understand who's coming and going to guide staffing and security decisions


Better benefits & new data to manage your dealership

Elite Social Distance Monitoring & Contact Tracing

Keep employees safer through real-time haptic alerts, wearable devices, and customizable COVID-19 solutions for any space

Equipment Spacing and Room Capacity

Maximize each room in your space by mapping flow patterns to uncover optimal placement for each piece of equipment

Gym Layout Optimization

What equipment is in high demand? Which spaces are too crowded? Discover actionable optimizations through data-driven analytics

Consume Your Analytics Your Way

Versatile data with clean, powerful dashboard output and API connectivity to your preferred business intelligence platform